Outreach Event Gardening Factsheets

Soils Info

   Standard Nutrient Analysis (Information on interpretting soil test results.  Factsheet from the Cornell Soil Health Lab.)

   How to Obtain a Soil Sample

   Soil pH What It Means

   Interpretation of Soil Report and Recommendations For Your Lawn

   Soil Preparation - Flower and Vegetable

Garden Plant Issues

   Tomato Disease Management, Tomato Growing Guide

   Blossom End Rot

Home Landscapes

   Gardening Through the Year

   Types and Uses of Mulch

   I.P.M. for the Home

    Plantwise WNY

   Preparing Your Garden for Winter

    Hydrangea: Types and How to Prune

  Ticks and Lyme Disease

Home Landscapes - Turf Care

   Weeds in the Lawn

  How to Best Fertilize Your Lawn

   Establishing a Home Lawn from Seed

Invasive Species

   Giant Hogweed (NYS DEC brochure)

   Jumping Worm

Native Plants - Pollinators

   Bumblebee Flyer

Last updated July 28, 2023