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As our monthly Master Gardener News is published, select articles prepared by our program’s Newsletter Committee will be featured. Look for information on what is happening in the garden now, invasive pests and other research-based gardening topics.

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July 2024

Article 255: Rafflesia Flower in Thailand

Article 256: Coffee’s Effect on GardensMay Not Be As You Think

Article 257: Problems and Alternatives to Boxwood

June 2024

Article 254: Fabulous Native Ferns

May 2024

Article 252: Where to Buy Native Plants

Article 253: Invasive Species Month in our Buffalo Olmstead Parks

April 2024

Article 249: Avoid the Dreaded Ticks!

Article 250: Native Plants, Nativars, Cultivars...Oh My!

Article 251: What is a Cicada?

March 2024

Article 246: New Plant Hardiness Zone Map from USDA

Article 247: Lessons Learned in Attempts to Control Lesser Celandine

Article 248: Information from the Invasive Species Task Force

February 2024

Article 244: Stumpery Gardens

Article 245: New Problem with Redbud Trees

December 2023

Article 241: Anti-Cancer Properties of Plants

Article 242: An Optimistic Report on American Chestnut Trees

Article 243: Monarch vs. Viceroy Butterfly

November 2023

Article 238: Review of Revised Edition of "Weeds of the Northeast"

Article 239: Update on Jumping Worms

Article 240: Invasive Spotted Lanternfly May Not Damage Hardwood Trees as Previously Thought

October 2023

Article 236: Opossums: Hotline Conversation Prompts Article

Article 237: Super Weed to Combat Drought

September 2023

Article 233: SEEDS: Heirloom, Open-Pollinated, Hybrid, GMO

Article 234: Guttation in Plants, Problem or Solution?

Article 235: Have You Heard About the Elm Zigzag Sawfly (EZS)?

August 2023

Article 231: Boxelder Bugs

Article 232: Fabulous Native Ferns

July 2023

Article 227: A Mast Year for Some Maple Trees

Article 228: Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRF)

Article 229: No Mow May - What Do You Think?

Article 230: Shrubs Native to the US That Grow Well in WNY - Including Two Hydrangeas

June 2023

Article 225: Swamp Milkweed

Article 226: Sowbugs Versus Pill Bugs

January 2023

Article 210: Helping Woody Plants Survive Heavy Snowfalls

Article 212: Gardening Trends for 2023

August 2022

Article 195: Cricket or Grasshopper?

Article 196: New York State Earthworms

Article 197: Box Tree Moth - A New Invasive to Watch For

June 2022

Article 192: Black Knot

Article 193: Spring Weeds

Article 194: Going Native and Covering Your Ground

May 2022

Article 189: Avian Influenza Outbreak: Should You Take Down Your Bird Feeders?

Article 190: What Are Galls?

Article 191: Phacelia

April 2022

Article 186: Have a Backyard Flock or Neighbors Who Keep Chickens? Consider Temporarily Removing Your Bird Feeders

Article 187: Amynthas Part II: Update on Jumping Worms

Article 188: Flowers to Attract Pollinators

March 2022

Article 183: Growing Poinsettias in Erie County

Article 184: Update on Jumping Worms

Article 185: Same Species Plants

February 2022

Article 180: Permaculture Principles

Article 182: Christmas Cactus

January 2022

Article 177: Wintergreen

Article 178: Bulbs, Neem Oil

Article 179: Master Gardener Spring Gardening Classes

November 2021

Article 174: Jumping Worms (Amynthas)

Article 175: Autumn Crocus … Which One?

Article 176: The Beauty of Bats

October 2021

Article 171: Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA)

Article 172: Increase in Purple Loosestrife

Article 173: Tar Spots and Asian Giant Hornet: Two Hotline Trends

September 2021

Article 168: Box Tree Moth Confirmed in WNY

Article 169: Fall Asters

Article 170: Assassin Bugs and Ambush Bugs; and Nostoc

August 2021

Article 165: Indian Pink - A Very Interesting Native Plant

Article 166: Sooty Mold or Something Else?

Article 167: Box Tree Moth

July 2021

Article 164: Pollen

June 2021

Article 161: Adapting Gardening to Your Physical Needs

Article 162: Dandelions - Amazing!

Article 163: Gardener Assistance with Monitoring Downy Mildews Affecting Cucurbit Plants and Basil

May 2021

Article 158: Yams or Sweet Potatoes?

Article 159: 2021 Not Your Grandmother's Houseplants Anymore

Article 160: April 2021 MG Volunteer Meeting Speaker: Dave Zittel

April 2021

Article 155: Beautiful Berries - Not

Article 156: Top 10 Tree Insects & Diseases

Article 157: Cicadas

March 2021

Article 152: Spotlight on the Brandywise F1 Tomato

Article 153: Plant Seeds Indoors or Not?

Article 154: Soil-less Potting Mix

December 2020

Article 149: Murder Hornets - Not Really, But “Bee” Aware!

Article 150: The Amazing Cranberry

Article 151: Plant Hardiness

November 2020

Article 146: Joe Pye Weed

Article 147: Why Bad Things Happen to Good Plants

Article 148: Research Summary: Climate Change is Increasing Impacts from Forest Pests

October 2020

Article 143: River Birch

Article 144: Mother Nature's Mulch

Article 145: Humans and Dogs Seek Spotted Lanternfly

May 2020

Article 139: Maple Sap

Article 140: Willows

Article 141: Keyhole Gardening

Article 142: Bees in Winter

March 2020

Article 136: Wounded Plants Have More Antioxidants

Article 137: Gardening with Native Plants and Insects

Article 138: Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV)

February 2020

Article 133: Slender False Brome

Article 134: Washing Tree and Shrub Roots

Article 135: News About Emerald Ash Borer

January 2020

Article 130:'s Not What You Thought

Article 131: Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Adelges trugae

Article 132: Dandelions Are Not All Bad

December 2019

Article 127: Praying Mantis

Article 128: Poinsettias

Article 129: Mystery Insect Identified

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