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Volunteer Service Hour Opportunity Approval Process

Mission Statement

The CCE Erie Master Gardener Program reinforces CCE Erie’s mission to enable people to improve their lives and communities through partnerships that put experience and research knowledge to work. The purpose of this organization shall be to support and engage in educational outreach and activities that  foster application of horticulture knowledge with a focus on stewardship and sustainability. All such activities shall be under the guidance of CCE Erie County.

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Master Gardener Volunteer Service Hour Opportunity Criteria

Approval of Master Gardener service hour opportunities by the Program Educator and Steering Committee will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Opportunities will strive as much as possible to reach diverse Erie County audiences and be accessible to all residents.
  2. Opportunities will align to the CCE Master Gardener Program Mission and should be listed as an acceptable activity in the Program’s current "Acceptable/Non-Acceptable Volunteer Activities"   List.
  3. Opportunities producing a tangible resource or educational piece should not duplicate other recent efforts of Program volunteers. This will be determined during the Program Educator and Steering Committee members’ review.
  4. Opportunities that involve garden maintenance shall incorporate an educational component which may be developed with the support of other Master Gardener Committees.
  5. As the Master Gardener Program seeks to build relationships with community members and among program volunteers, approved service hour opportunities should be open to the participation of as many interested Master Gardener volunteers as possible. 

Submitting Service Hour Opportunity requests: It may take up to 35 days for the Steering Committee to review and accept a service hour opportunity proposal. Currently the Steering Committee meets on the first Tuesday of every month except July and December.

Service Hour Opportunities without a Master Gardener volunteer contact when applying: The Steering Committee will review the opportunity to determine if it fits within our criteria, including the “Acceptable/Non-Acceptable Volunteer Activity List.” If it does, a Program Volunteer will be recruited to help direct and work with other volunteers to complete the request. If after reasonable attempts a Program Volunteer does not agree to help direct/oversee MG Volunteer efforts for the opportunity, the  sponsor will be alerted that volunteers are not available to work on the request at this time. The community organization will be encouraged to re-submit their request for consideration if at a later date a suitable MG volunteer is identified.

Documenting the Impact of Approved Volunteer Service Hour Opportunities: Approved service hour opportunity sponsors will be asked to assist the Master Gardener Program in documenting the impact of the educational and outreach efforts of the effort in the community. The Steering Committee Vice President or other Program volunteers may ask the sponsor to provide evaluations, surveys, stories and pictures. (A photo release may be needed in certain situations) While not required of community organizations sponsoring opportunities, submission of this information is greatly appreciated.


Sharon Bachman
Agriculture & Natural Resources Educator
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Last updated January 22, 2024