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Master Gardener Committees:



This committee coordinates the set-up, take down and Fact Sheets needed for both Plantasia, Erie County Fair. We decide what is to be featured at both events including booth set up, display panel set up, headers and posters used. The committee also assists in coordination of Fact Sheets used at some of the other outreach events Master Gardeners participate in.


The Historian keeps copies of documents created by the Master Gardener Program including meeting minutes, annual roster (volunteer list), budgets and calendars. Copies of minutes of the Steering Committee and General Membership meetings are maintained in the MG Program office. Volunteer participation records are updated annually to assist in volunteer service recognition.  Interested MG volunteers could assit in maintaining files, gathering appropriate materials and preparing awards for distribution.

Fundraising (Plant Sale and Basket Auction)


This committee meets 2-3 times a year to discuss problems at the hotline, functioning and new things that need to be brought to the volunteers’ attention. The committee chair develops the hotline staffing schedule. Volunteers are recruited in February for the growing season schedule and in July for the fall schedule. April through October the hotline is staffed five days per week, 9:00 am to noon and November – March volunteers work on Mondays and Thursdays in morning. If interested contact Linda Mayer.

Outreach Speakers


The Scholarship Committee is mainly active from September through May and is responsible for aspects of awarding the Master Gardener Program College Scholarship and providing necessary updates and information to the Program Steering Committee.  Committee roles include maintaining a list of current contacts at high schools, colleges and related organizations; making annual updates to the application if necessary; drafting and assisting in distribution of scholarship information letter and press releases; assisting office staff in distribution of application materials; and coordinating application review, and recipient selection and notification, keeping Program staff informed of committee activity and decisions.  It is preferred that new members join in September/October.  Current committee chair is Carol Kostynicak (

Soil Clinic

In late winter the soil clinic chair starts receiving requests for soil pH clinics and begins recruiting volunteers for these events. Soil clinic volunteers provide soil testing for pH and answer gardening questions. Events usually occur between May and October.  If you are interested, contact Lisa Gee.



The newsletter committee members work together to provide articles for the MG News. The newsletter provides information to fellow volunteers on monthly meetings, past events, and opportunities for training or volunteering. Articles cover a range of topics including invasive species, botany, IPM, gardening trends, insects and much more. Committee members help to represent the committee on the Program Steering Committee.


Active Projects:

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