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What Does a Master Gardener Do?


The Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) of Erie County Master Gardener Program volunteers will be working remotely to answer gardening questions. Volunteers are scheduled to assist with garden hotline questions on Mondays and Thursdays from 9:00am – 12:00pm.

The CCE Erie County Master Gardener Program volunteers:

  • Reply to horticultural inquiries received via phone or e-mail.
  • Test Soil pH ($2 per sample, or 3 samples for $5).*
  • Provide Plant and Insect Identification. ($5 fee per specimen)*
  • Provide Plant Diagnostics. ($5 fee per sample)*
  • Provide speakers for garden clubs and other organizations (currently virtual).
  • Support school and community garden/horticulture projects.
  • Conduct horticulture outreach at fairs, garden shows and other public events.
  • Increase awareness of integrated pest management (IPM), water quality, conservation and other environmental issues.

* These services are not currently available as the CCE offices are closed to the public.

To view flower growing guides, vegetable growing guides, and information on designing flower gardens, click here.

Last updated January 6, 2021