Capital Days


2023 4-H Capital Days in Albany.

2023 4-H Capital Days event April 16-18, 2023. 

NYS 4-H Capital Days is an event sponsored by NYSACCE4-HE that gives youth an opportunity to meet and interact with legislators and tell their 4-H story. 4-H Capital Days creates awareness of career opportunities in New York State government, better understanding of state government, and the opportunity to network with delegates from other counties. The objectives of the 4-H Capital Days program are: To achieve a better understanding of the New York State policy process. To gain a better understanding of state and local government connections. To provide delegates the opportunity to meet with legislators and tell their 4-H stories. To create an awareness of career opportunities within the New York State Government and Public Service. To meet and exchange experiences with delegates from other counties. If you are interested in this free trip, please fill out the application on this page.


Tammi Kron
Extension Educator, 4-H Livestock
(716) 652-5400 x132

Last updated April 17, 2023