RFP Questions and Answers

Q1)  When you state “Indentify Stakeholders” are we to assume that we would identify these groups with CCE’s participation and input? Or are you looking for the consultant to independently come up with names of stakeholder entities and people?

A1)  Identification of stakeholders would occur with input from the CCE Board of Directors and Executive Director.

Q2)  When you state “Indentify and compare potential locations” are you needing Real Estate professionals to vet and confirm value?

A2)  We do need the value of each potential location as one criteria on which to ultimately base a decision. We need the consultant to provide that value for each potential location.

Q3)  When you state “develop of capital campaign framework”, do we need to include someone to lead your campaign effort or just outline what you will need when?

A3)  We do not expect the consultant to include someone to lead the capital campaign. We do need the consultant to provide a detailed plan for a capital campaign so that CCE Erie could follow that when implementing the capital campaign. 

    Q4)  Does CCE have any ‘target’ relocation sites in mind to focus on in the study?

    A4) There have been suggested sites but none have been fully evaluated, and they may not meet CCE’s needs.

    Q5)  How many full-time/part-time CCE staff would be accommodated in the new location?

    A5)  Currently CCE Erie has 17 staff using office space at 21 S. Grove Street. But, our current leased space is solely office space. We also use shared meeting space in our building. We hope to have office space, meeting space, and indoor and outdoor space for hands on teaching and learning opportunities in our new facility.

    Q6)  Is it possible to visit your current location before the proposal deadline, if we contact you first to schedule?

    A6)  Anyone is welcome to stop by the building in which our offices are located but we cannot accommodate showing the office space to consultants prior to the proposal deadline.

    Q7)  Is it the intent of CCE Erie to retain the selected capital planning consultant for the actual project execution?

    A7)  It is not the intent but it is a possibility.

    Q8)  Will CCE Erie accept development proposals?

    A8)  Development proposals for a facility will not be accepted.

    Q9)  What is CCE Erie’s selection criteria?

    A9)  It is unclear if this is a question about selection criteria for the project or the consultant. Possible selection criteria for the project are included in the RFP with the intent to develop additional criteria through the planning process. The CCE Erie Board of Directors will select a consultant based on review of the submitted proposals. 


                                  Diane Held
                                  Executive Director
                                  (716) 652-5400

                                  Last updated May 4, 2016