Annual HS Scholarship

Annually the Master Gardener Program volunteers of Erie County make one or more scholarships available to graduating high school seniors who reside in and attend Erie County high schools and who have been accepted to a recognized, accredited NYS college or university to study horticulture, botany or a related field. The scholarships aim to provide opportunities for further study of horticulture or a related field in New York State.  Award amount(s) will be up to $500.00.

Horticulturalists can work in industry, government or educational institutions or private nurseries or gardens. For example, they can be wholesale or retail business managers, landscape architects, water and irrigation specialists, arborists, turf grass specialists, plant propagators, crop production advisors, crop inspectors, cropping systems engineers, green house managers, extension specialists, plant geneticists, research scientists, and of course, science teachers.

Other disciplines that relate and complement horticulture include: agriculture, biology, botany, chemistry, entomology, environmental sciences, genetics, landscape design, physiology, statistics, sustainable agriculture, urban geography and urban planning.

Application information for the 2018 CCE Erie County Master Gardener Scholarship will be posted on this website in the Fall.

Last updated August 31, 2017