DEI Farm to School
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Diversity Equity & Inclusion

“Each member of the CCE community is called on to engage in the ongoing inner work of challenging our own biases and examining the impacts of our behaviors, and take actions that affect substantive and long-lasting transformation of our organizational structures and policies. By moving toward individual, interpersonal, and organizational change, we collectively shift our vision of belonging and racial equity from the aspirational to the lived experience of all staff, program participants, volunteers, and communities.

I am fully committed to supporting our comprehensive Affirmative Action, Diversity and Inclusion Plan that rigorously incorporates compliance guidelines; a culture of belonging; an understanding of the historical and current systemic inequities; and robust organizational development practices as the firm foundations for building a more diverse, equitable and inclusive organization. I respectfully invite all members of the extension community to join me in critical self-reflection, honest assessment of past and present inequities and strategic actions that challenge the status quo and create opportunities for a radical reimagining of our role in creating a more, just, and equitable society."

-CCE Director, Chris Watkins

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Last updated April 30, 2024