Healthy Community Store Initiative!

Food Plus Owner

Food Plus tore owner with HCSI staff.

HCSI Baskets

HCSI GC Sandwich board and tier baskets

ESNY Nutritionist Shares Hearth Healthy Information at Food Plus

ESNY Nutritionist Shares Heart Healthy Information at Food Plus

Mandelas Market Traing w/Store Owner

Mandelas Market Training with Store Owner

Heart Healthy Tasting with ESNY Nutritionist, Mandela Store

Heart Healthy Tasting with ESNY Nutritionist - Mandela Market

HCSI Stour Tour/Mandela Market Winner

HCSI Store Tour - Mandela Market Winner

Food Plus Tour Participating Family

Food Plus Store Tour, Participating Family

Mandelas Martket Shelf Tags

HCSI Mandela Market Shelf Tag

HCSI Mandel Market Store Tour

HSCI Mandela Market Store Tour

Mandela Market Healthy Meal Rack

Mandela Market Healthy Meal Rack

Mandela Market Healthy Meal Rack

Mandela Market Healthy Meal Rack

Mandela Market Healthy Meal Rack

Mandela Market Healthy Meal Rack

Mandelas Mkt DUFB

Mandelas Market Double Your Food Dollars

Trade Fair Ribbon Cutting Grand Opening

Trade Fair Ribbon Cutting. Council Member Richard Fontana & Store Owner Adel Munassar


HCSI provide healthy ingredients to afterschool program.

HCSI Youth

HCSI Provide healthy recipe ingredients to community center youth

HCSI Service

Serviceman at Golden Corner Go Red event

Healthy Community Store Initiative

The Healthy Community Store Initiative (HCSI) is a collaborative partnership that grew out of a community report presented by the John R. Oishei Foundation’s Mobile Safety Net Team. The report made recommendations for increasing access to fresh, healthy foods in the city of Buffalo and a coalition was created in order to address that issue.  

The concept of the HCSI is to incentivize and educate store owners and the community alike to change the way they view “healthy”. For store owners, we want them to be more conscious of the health implications of the items they carry in their store and encourage them to stock healthier options. For residents, we would like them to be aware of the benefits of healthy eating and recognize that there are places in their neighborhood to shop healthy.

The HCSI is a true collaborative effort. Currently 16 partners collaborate on the Healthy Corner Store Initiative and the HCSI Coordinator is a staff member of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Erie County (CCE Erie).Each organization brings their own expertise and resources and has a role on one of three HCSI communities, program development, community relations and store owner support. 

A Healthier You! Cook Along with Buffalo's Healthy Community  Store Initiative!

Selected recipes from A Healthier You!, a recipe book that uses ingredients found in your local corner store to make healthy meals and snacks!


Sheila Bass
Healthy Corner Store Initiative (HCSI) Coordinator

Last updated October 24, 2023