Weed ID

4H Youth Weed ID Toolkit

Description of 4-H Weed ID, Livestock Poisonous Plants Tool Kit Materials

Weeds of the Northeast – Need to identify (ID) a plant in our area?This book is a great resource with many pictures. (Note: A new version is anticipated to be released in late 2020/early 2021.)


Plant Press – Preserve the plants/weeds you find so others can learn or maybe use the press to prepare an exhibit for your county fair.

10xMagnifier – A hand lens and tweezers are always good to have on hand.Designed for younger 4-Hers but helpful for all.

Factsheet Series Poisonous Plants in New York (by species) – Want to know where on your farmstead or home landscape you might encounter poisonous plants, whether a crop plant (yes – some of those can be toxic at certain times), an ornamental in your flower garden, plants in your woods or ones that are just considered weeds, these sheets break down where you will find plant species known to be toxic to livestock.

Weeds to Watch:Common Pokeweed – One of the more common poisonous plants found in our area.The factsheet contains scientific name, plant family, life cycle and animals affected, as well as description and pictures of life stages.Visit our 4-H Weed ID, Livestock Poisonous Plants webpage ( http://erie.cce.cornell.edu/agriculture/4h-youth-weed-id-toolkit ) and our main Cornell Weed ID Project home page (blogs.cornell.edu/weedid/) for more information on other poisonous plants.

Poisonous Plants and New York – Plant lists by livestock species.Species include cattle, goats, horses, sheep and swine.Lists are based on information found at Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences – Animal Science Department webpage – Plants Poisonous to Livestock and other Animals. ( http://poisonousplants.ansci.cornell.edu/)

Common Poisonous Plants in western New York Slide set with management suggestions.(Suggestions on to control or remove these species to protect your animals.)The slides cover common milkweed, redroot pigweed, common pokeweed, common lamb’s quarters and cherry tree species.

Plant toxicity and symptoms spreadsheet - Ready to get to the next level on what exactly makes a plant toxic to animals – use this chart which also includes descriptions of the toxic effects of these plants.

Last updated May 17, 2024