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2022 December Storm Damage Survey


To help public officials understand the extent of storm event damage and guide efforts to be better prepared for future storm events, Cornell Cooperative Extension - Erie is once again collecting storm damage reports for damage to agricultural infrastructure, equipment, livestock, stored crops, or winter produce associated with the December 2022 blizzard.

Reporting survey: https://cornell.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9AytO5D9oYvRCXc

Federal disaster declarations are in place for both the November and December events. We also recommend that you contact the local Farm Service Agency office (in Erie County:716-652-1400) about damage to your operation. This may be an important step if or when federal assistance becomes available, most likely in the form of low-interest disaster recovery loans.

We hope you are on your way to recovering from these extreme events. We know farming is hard work with inherent risks. Still, back-to-back extreme winter storm events are more than most of us are ever prepared to deal with. Please accept our sincere condolences if your farm was among the local operations that suffered damage during one or both recent events. And don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance at this time. John Whitney is available to enter damage survey information on your behalf if that’s helpful.(jrw44@cornell.edu). John’s cell phone is 716-796-3204. Lauren Wight in the Erie County Farm Service Agency office can also help enter information for you.

Farming can be stressful even without extreme storm events. We want to remind you that if you are feeling unusual levels of stress at any time, you might want to reach out to NY Farmnet. NY FarmNet is always free and confidential, phone 1-800-547-3276.